Ropes and Harnesses

Ropes and Harnesses
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Airhead 1 Section 4 Riders Tow Rope

Engineered to pull the big 3 and 4 rider tubes, this rope will stand the test of time. It has a uniq..


Airhead 2 Rider Self Centering Tow Harness

A stainless steel pulley glides along the length of the rope to provide the optimum pull at all time..


Airhead 2 Section 4 Riders Tow Rope

The pre-stretched UV-resistant 5/8 inch diameter 16-strand rope exceeds the 4,150 pound break streng..


Airhead 4 Rider Heavy Duty Tow Harness

Simply clip it onto your boat with the 5,000-pound tensile strength hooks, and attach your ski or tu..


Airhead Bungee Tube Tow Rope

This 9/16" x 50 ft. tube rope has a 3/8" diameter bungee cord spliced inside. It's rated at 4,150 po..


Airhead Heavy Duty Tow Harness

They’re perfect for hooking up to troublesome pontoon tow points. It’s extra long, 16 feet, to stret..