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Water Fun

Splish Splash Into the Best Trip of Your Life

The best kinds of vacations involve water! There is no more fun to be had in the world than when you’re being pulled through the water on a giant inflatable hot dog. Don’t believe us? Buy one and try it out! 

If your camping trip takes you near a lake, river or ocean, make sure you can take full advantage of the wonder of water. Outdoor Fitness and Fun has all the goods you need to glide, play, relax, and stay safe in and around the water. 

If you’re camping, you are probably a natural explorer. Get yourself one of our inflatable boats and kayaks, and check out what lies just around the riverbend! Our boats and kayaks are incredibly easy to set up and provide fun for the whole family. Load your brood up and set out for distant shores!

Not in the mood for rowing? That’s just fine; we’ve got an amazing selection of floats for afternoons where you just want to...well, float! Our floats come in all shapes and sizes, from pizzas to strawberry doughnuts, and yes, before you ask: we do have shapes that aren’t foods (even though there is nothing more satisfying than sunning yourself on top of a slice of pizza!).   

And of course, we would never forget the most essential piece of water gear: the pump. And if you’ve got your own motor-powered boat and are planning on zipping across the water on one of our towables, you’ll also need a rope or harness to make that happen. Now, you won’t exactly have the time of your life with a pump or a harness, but they are both absolutely essential to be able to use any of your floats, so don’t leave without them!

All this and more awaits you right here at Outdoor Fitness and Fun! Dive into the best camping trip of your life!