Service Spl Green 8lb 3300yd

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Service Spl Green 8lb 3300yd

Great Fishing Line

This awesome fishing line brought to you by Outdoor Fitness and Fun is the perfect for your favorite fishing rod and reel! It features outstanding abrasion resistance and unchallenged tensile strength that will hold up to punishing runs of all sizes of fish. The moss green color is almost invisible to fish, which makes it great as leader material as well.



  • Perfect for a variety of freshwater and general saltwater fishing, spooling and casting well on spinning, baitcasting and larger conventional reels
  • High-durability finish for excellent abrasion resistance
  • It's invisibility under water also makes it ideal for leader material
  • Brand: MSG
  • Product Code: 195149
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $89.99

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