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Outdoor Pet

Bring Your Dog Along for Extra Fun! 

What is the one thing that can make any camping trip better? Bringing along the family pet, of course!

Dogs adore the outdoors, and they’ll be ecstatic to join in on the fun. Out there in the wild, their little doggy hearts will beat for joy when they discover there are far more squirrels to chase than in their backyards, that there are far many more scents to sniff than inside their homes, and that there is so much more to discover than in their local park. A dog outdoors is a dog satisfied!

But don’t just pack up your pooch in the car and head for the hills. Even though your dog is an animal, you will still need to prepare for them to be outside for an extended period of time. Meals, treats, beds, and toys must all be thought of lest your dog become one unhappy canine. 

We at Outdoor Fitness and Fun carry all the accessories you could possibly need for a delightful weekend in the woods. No matter where you go—the beach, the mountains, or the plains—you will absolutely need a good dog leash. You might think you can let your dog roam in your particular location, but inevitably an occasion will come up when you need to leash your dog. Don’t be unprepared!

A leash is no good without a collar or harness. We carry a wide variety of the chicest gear on the market, so your dog can look good...while they run around in the mud!

One of the most critical items to bring on any trip is a travel bowl. You may find yourself close to water, but unless that water is potable, you’ll want to serve your pooch the same stuff you’ll be drinking. 

Don’t leave your canine at home on your next adventure! With a little bit of planning and a few extra items, you can make the next one your and your dog’s best trip ever!