Ghostek NRG 2 Backpack w/ 16,000MAH Battery, Red

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Ghostek NRG 2 Backpack w/ 16,000MAH Battery, Red

  • Spacious 40L Capacity
  • Premium Durable Water Resistant Polyester
  • Built-In 16,000mAh Battery
  • Dedicated 15.6-Inch Laptop Compartment
  • Adjustable Padded Shoulder Straps
  • Multi-Compartment Pockets for Storage & Organization
  • Intelligent Power LED Indicator
  • 3-USB Ports (2-Ports Inside Backpack, 1-Port External)
  • Ghostek Provides a 1-Year Warranty Exchange On This Product 

There are many perks of working as a sleuth in intelligence agencies. This is something you have learnt from your career. You have evolved on a professional level in this sector and your experiences have helped you sharpen your skills in life too. 

After a tiring week and no thrilling assignments, you are thinking of watching movies on Saturday and dining out in a lavish restaurant is also on your mind. Suddenly, your phone rings, bringing you back to reality in a flash (and this no reference to the goofy TV show! whose only positive attribute is Danielle Panabaker but this is another topic!). 

It is your boss at the agency and he wants you to cover a secret mission, all on your own. He also whispers over the phone how your prospect of a pay hike will get a boost if you accomplish this mission. Now, you really do not have time to go to the agency to take your revolver with silencer. 

Time is running out and you have to nab a gang of miscreants who are about to meet a big racket of smugglers at the outskirts of the town. You got assurance from the boss that a backup team will be sent once you track the gang when the meeting is on and intercept them. 

A quick look at your room and you find the Ghostek NRGBAG 2 series laptop backpack with your rugged laptop in it, Glock service pistol, and your cell phone. These will be your weapons for this secret mission. You dress up fast and take the backpack strapped on your back. Following the clues given by your boss, you reach the part where the city limit signboard is visible. 

A forest is nearby and from a distance you can see faint lights. The gangs are sure to be there. Taking advantage of the darkness and cloudy sky, you stealthily proceed to the place where lights are seen. It has started raining, but your backpack is water resistant and so you have no worry! 

The backpack also has a 16,000mAh Battery inbuilt and so you have no problem in running the laptop. After connecting to the web, you alert your agency. That is when the unrighteous criminals spot you. After packing your laptop in the bag, you start running, evading their chase. You do not want to get into a shootout with them; you want to lead them into the trap and take them down without gunfire. 

The backpack gets struck by some trees and you fall once, but you are not bothered since it is rugged. The siren and lights come nearer and you realize the backup team has arrived. Very soon, the team overpowers the culprits much to their dismay. Your Ghostek NRGBAG 2 series laptop backpack helped you save the mission. It fits snugly too! 

  • Brand: USS
  • Product Code: GHO-99733
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $129.95

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