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Davis Leaf Wetness Sensor

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Davis Leaf Wetness Sensor

A Fantastic Leaf Wetness Sensor

Monitor the level of surface moisture on foliage with this wonderful sensor brought to you by Outdoor Fitness and Fun! A 40 foot cable is included. This sensor is compatible with the original Vantage Pro and Vantage Pro 2.



  • Use to monitor the level of surface moisture on foliage, with range from 0 (completely dry) to 15 (saturated)
  • Add up to 2 sensors to a single Wireless Leaf & Soil Moisture/Temperature Station
  • Includes 40 ft. (12M) cable
  • Compatible with both original Vantage Pro and Vantage Pro2
  • Must be connected via a Leaf & Soil Moisture/Temperature Station ( No. 6345)
  • Brand: CWR
  • Product Code: 52174
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $130.00

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