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Biking & Hiking

Intrepid Gear for the Intrepid Biker and Hiker

If camping alone doesn’t provide enough excitement for you, you might want to make things more interesting by adding a bike trip or hike to your adventure. Exploring your surroundings on, you’ll see so much more of your gorgeous natural setting, and you’ll get a great workout in, something we at Outdoor Fitness and Fun value highly!

If you’re going to embark on some day trips on foot or on bike, you’ll need additional gear to make sure you stay safe at all times. Trips can be great, but they’re not so great when you get lost, rained-on, or are ridden into by a fellow traveler. For all those dangers, we have a solution! 

If you’re biking anywhere, and especially if you’re biking overnight, you absolutely need a bike vest. Do not overestimate humans’ power of sight; especially in sparsely populated regions, drivers might not be paying as close attention to the road, and you need to make yourself known to them.

For both bikers and hikers navigating their way through the wilderness, a compass is an essential piece of equipment. Cell service is hard to come by in many remote areas and you do not want to be stranded, with the sun setting and no way to get back to your campsite. We carry a vast array of compasses, from pocket-sized to top-of-the-line professional navigation systems. No matter what your budget is, you’ll be able to find an affordable way to get back to safety. 

For maximum visibility (and maximum fun!) deck yourself out in flashing, blinking, or just plain white lights. We carry a wide range of lights that can attach to any part of your body or bike. You can be walking disco ball, if you so choose! Lights ensure that you can see and be seen and that you can find your way back to safety if necessary.

Take care of a few safety essentials and you are guaranteed an amazing hiking or biking trip! Check out our store to find all the stuff you need to make it happen.